I originally did the research and made the reproductions in 2003 when I was involved in reenactment. Most of the ” ‘tude” was aimed at a couple of stolid purveyors of Fakelore. Fakelore or pseudo-folklore is inauthentic, manufactured folklore presented as if it were genuinely traditional. Richard M. Dorson 1950 Or as often seen in theRead More →

get proper measurements!

When looking to design and produce plus sized clothing I found four main issues in tackling the idea of making things fit. Traditionally patterns are scaled from a size 6/8 and a bra size 34B based upon a survey of women’s measurements first taken and not changed since the 1930’s.Read More →

Image of rioters from CNN

Back when I was working in corporate as a full stack developer, I used to devotedly watch The Apprentice. As someone on the spectrum I innocently and naively believed that being professional meant that when you were at work you did your best. Your always told your colleagues and bossRead More →